Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Merino Base Layer
No smell

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Insulation Mid Layer
To keep warm

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Shell Layer
To protect from wind, snow and rain

Simple Clothing

A minimalistic range of high-quality 
clothing essentials for all freeride experiences.

Timeless Design

Long lasting snowboard and ski outfits, with multiple color combinations. We do freeride, not fashion.

Technical Details

Created by our freeride crew, each outwear layer is packed with comfort and specific innovative details.

Shell Jacket Layer

Protection from elements such as Wind, Water, and Cold is the primary task for our shell Jackets. Penguin collaborates with Dermizax®, a highly functional membrane technology from Japan that uses your excess body heat to generate a higher breathability.

Insulation Mid Layer

Just the heat you need. Everyone has its own preferences in various conditions and activities,  Penguin insulation mid layers cover all needs. 

Thermal Base Layer

Comfort is king! The warm base layer is directly on your skin, providing our freeride crew with a warm and cozy feeling. Our base layers underwear range is made with a carefully sourced Merino wool from New-Zealand.

Penguin technical clothing:

Simplicity is the spirit

A clean and lean range of three mountain layers.

Efficiency is a must

You need only ONE long-lasting outfit to play in all conditions.

Playing and sharing are the goals

We test all Penguin outfits ourselves while enjoying fresh powder every free minute.

Penguin's Shop Guarantees:

Free delivery

All over Switzerland and EU

Penguin Care

We take care about your product - two-year warranty and unlimited repair option.

Created by independent Freeriders

We are a small brand, dedicated to freeride.

19 shops, 10 ambassadors & 3000+ Freeriders have joined the crew.
Free delivery, two-years warranty, try it now.

Combine the Layers

How does our layering principle work in details?

Penguin Freeride Clothing

For powder enthusiasts

Penguin is a independent snowboard and ski clothes Swiss brand, creating minimalistic outfits for men and women, without frills. Functional, stylish and above all robust layers that can survive our way of freeriding. We test all our ski outwear ourselves, so you don't have to worry about it while enjoying a powder day with friends. 

Whether you snowboard or ski, you are part of our freeride crew. Our search for the best and warmest ski thermal underwear, ski fleece mid layer and waterproof ski jacket has led us to work with the latest fiber technologies. From shell jackets made of Dermizax to S.Café fleece mid layers, we offer our crew the best clothing essentials to share a perfect powder day.