What is S Café, the new eco-friendly high-performance fabric?
A textile for ski mid layers, made out of coffee grounds.

Fast drying

Odor  neutralizing

UV protection

S Café Stretch Fleece Hoodie

This mid layer is a combination of both fleece and S. Café fibers. The S.Café technology is great at providing quick-dry mid layers and at masking odors. This mid-layer hoodie combines the stretch capabilities with the advantages of the S Café fabric.


S Café technology

"For environmentally-friendly ski outfits, S Café fabric and fibers are one of the best components. It is not only a trendy fabric only made of earth-friendly riders but also a high-performance fiber. At the end, nature has often the most simple and elegant solutions."

S Café Stretch Fleece 
Turtleneck Hoodie

The perfect insulation layer for all freeriders both in powder and for the after-ski. This S Café mid layer combines S Café fibers and fleece to keep you warm and dry. The Turtleneck also prevents from any loss of heat

What is the S Café technology?

The S Café composite  fiber is an eco-friendly and high-performance fabric.

How is the S Café fabric produced?

The S.Café fabric is partially manufactured from used coffee grounds. It requires less energy in the production process and is therefore even more eco-friendly.

Why is S Café a great fabric for ski outwear?

It dries faster, it masks odors and protects better again UV. And yes, it is also environmentally-friendly! A good thing for our crew of mountain lovers.