A pioneer insulation-fiber for the perfect freeride ski mid layer.



Freedom of movement, great breathability, cozy warmth

Long lasting

Stretchable and abrasion resistant thanks to a combination with nylon fibers


Modern eco-engineering with no hazardous chemicals

Pinneco Bamboo Hybrid Insulation Jacket

Pinneco® is a Hongkong based research house that guarantees insulation solutions that is nothing less than the most advanced, the highest quality, and sustainable to you as well as the environment. Take a look at our hybrid mid layers: Pinneco with Bamboo!

Pinneco Mid Layer Jacket with Hood

The Pinneco jacket with even more protection and insulation, with a hood that fits under the helmet.


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More than 10  colors available for both men and women.

Pinneco Insulation Short

This unisex insulation underwear is the perfect mid layer for all year outdoor activities. The Pinneco insulation fiber will keep riders warm and dry. Another insulation highlight for the colder days is our “easy-on-easy-off” insulation short, with a convenient zipper.