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Simple Clothing

A minimalistic range of high-quality clothing essentials for all freeride experiences.

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Timeless Design

Long lasting snowboard and ski outfits, with multiple color combinations. We do freeride, not fashion.

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Technical Details

Created by our crew of riders, each outwear is packed  with comfort and specific innovative details.

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Only the essentials

No fuss, no unnecessary layers. Penguin created three layers, with some variation depending on your usage, but nothing more. We do freeride, not fashion.

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Free delivery
all over Switzerland and Europe

Simple. Purchase your freeride outfit on Penguin online shop, and get delivered for free. We ship within 48 hours, and you can always return your purchase or exchange size. The best skiwear layers deserve the best service.

"All our design are timeless and can be combined each year with one another, even with future collections."

Tristan - founder of Penguin

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Long lasting snowboard and ski outfits

Not only do we create timeless designs, but the Penguin crew is also after long-lasting ski clothes. All our products have a two-year warranty and unlimited repair.

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Technical details for freeriders

A hood that fits under the helmet, a chin-protection flap, a comfortable cut that can stretch when riding at full speed in powder, the Penguin crew is creating the snowboard and ski outfit they use for themselves. Each ski clothing layer is packed with at least 6 technical features designed around your usage.

Visit the Penguin online shop for freeride outfit

Browse through the three layers and create your complete snowboard and ski outfit package, by mixing each essential clothing layers and colors