Powderwear for Powderpeople

Functional, stylish and above all so robust that they survive our way of freeriding. We want products we do not need to worry about. Is there anything better than enjoying a powder day with friends without having to worry about the equipment !

Penguin lives sustainability actively. We want long-lasting garments. We stand for a careful use of resources. This philosophy does not stop with production: We offer our customers a long warranty and the opportunity to have our products repaired by a specialist in your country.

Thank you to all the many lovely people who contributed their part to the Penguin brand! And thank you to all riders enjoying our products!

 Team Penguin

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We are an independent Swiss brand creating clothing essentials for powder enthusiasts  to share a perfect powder day.

"Not only do we test all our outwear in real conditions  ourselves,
we also strive to find the best innovative materials.

Tristan Winkler - Founder 

Behind The Scenes

How are Penguin outfits made ?   


Our Ski & Snowboard Ambassadors

A freeride crew of more than 10 athletes

around the world.


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