What are the best layer clothes for your snowboard or ski outfit ?

Stop Sweating

No cotton layers and breathable layers mean sweating less during the effort. Sweat is the enemy when you cool down. 

Keep the warmth

By investing in high-performance fabrics like Dermizax, Pinneco or Merino, your clothing layers act as a real shield.

Adjust for comfort

By having only three layers of technical winter clothes, you'll be able to easily add or remove one layer to adapt fast.

1.  Use a merino base layer

Your thermal base layer must be a tight layer, made with the best  fibers . The Merino base layer by Penguin allows our crew of riders to remain warm by reducing the sweating effect during the effort. In addition to being one of the best thermal base  layer fabrics , merino wool prevents clothes from smelling.

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2. Use a real insulation layer

Whether it is a mid layer hoodie or jacket, this warm snowboard or ski insulation layer is an essential piece of the layered clothing principle.

Pick your mid layer fleece fabric: Pinneco or S. Café  fibers . These high-technologies allow your traditional ski fleece mid layers to be long-lasting and performant in all conditions.

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3. Use  a hard shell layer jacket

The shell layer is a key component for all   freeriders.  It must be light but must also offer a higher protection against the wind, the snow, and the rain.

Penguin designed shell layer jackets with comfort and performance in mind, meaning a lot of details especially for  freeriders , from chin protection to a waterproof hood that can fit under the helmet.

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Keep the same outwear all year long, simply by adapting the number of layers.

Penguin layers reduce your ski outfits to the essentials and allow  freeriders to remain comfortable in all weathers.

From very cold winters to Indian summers Penguin got you covered by mixing its three main layers.

Adding other materials in between the layers (like cotton for instance) would prevent your skin from breathing properly, which would lead to sweat. The use of the right material is decisive.

A real protection
in all mountain conditions.

The three layers principle allows freeriders to remain protected without sweating and avoids as a result being cold later. 

Now it's time to protect the first two layers with the best waterproof jacket. Made of Dermizax technology, the result is a breathing outfit that can stand all weather conditions of wind, snow and rain.