April 17, 2018

Anne and Roman finding their way towards the Arctic Circle

A glimps into Anne's journal of a roadtrip to the northern tips of Norway

With little more than a rough goal in the head where the journey was to go, we started northwards in early April. Roman had no choice, and had to join me and my apartment on four wheels, as a result of my stories and pictures of the previous journeys. We had neither great plans nor great expectations. Just go. Live imply and ski. We packed the bus with everything we could use for the next few weeks. Ski equipment, tent, down sleeping bag, a few clothes, sufficient wine, some rum, enough gas for cooking, plenty of good humor and a sense of discovery. The van was stuffed to the roof, and most certainly overloaded.

Full of anticipation and curiosity we drove through the whole of Germany, took the ferry to southern Sweden, along the east coast in direction of Finland and finally to northern Norway.

After 3000km we see for the first time the mighty snow covered mountains that surround the deeply cut fjords. Our first night in the High North, perfect campspot, perfect atmosphere, perfect everything. We parked the bus directly at the fjord, away from the street and enjoyed a picture-perfect sunset with a glass of red wine. Overwhelmed by the first impressions, we came to rest at about 3 o'clock in the morning, and we were ready the jump into our ski boots and put the skins on our skis eight hours later.

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Lonely summits, endless expanses and unparalleled view. More or less every day ran as follows: Going to bed at 3 am, up again at 10, breakfast, 2. coffee while we tried to dry the shoes in the sun, start the engine, start driving and scouting for a summit, find a good one, park, go to the highest point, being speechless, turns in “awesome” melt-freeze crust, and pull back to the van between 8 and 11pm.  

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Our return would follow an extensive 5 star diner (sometimes only 4.5 stars) with all the ingredients we found either in the bus or in the sea. And then the daily clinch started. Death tired, simply exhausted by all the impressions we could not fall asleep. It was just too nice outside to go to bed.

Pink-colored peaks woke majestically over the impressive fjords, followed by the bright sunrise, which made it simply impossible to close the eyes.

Equipped with a fat permanent grin on the face we enjoyed the simple life. No reason and space for, hardships, stress and negativity.

We lived the moment and managed to turn it off completely. We have seen a lot, have met a lot of amazing people, the small things of life again valued and not to forget beautiful lines drawn on pristine slopes in the snow. Thanks Norway, we'll be back!